Founded in 2005, Calçado Albano Pereira Lda is headquartered in Vizela and dedicated to the production of footwear for men, women and children. Employing 118 employees, the company presents a wide range of Stakeholders, mainly due to the experience of its manager in this market segmen.

Currently, Calçado Albano Pereira Lda., produces about 260 thousand pairs of shoes / year and approximately 1000 units per day (depending on the model), thus justifying a turnover of 6 million euros, corresponding to around 90 % To the international market and 10% to the national market. These numbers have been increasing exponentially since the date of its foundation.

 Mostly we work with the Nordic market (Holland, Sweden and Norway) and we also export to countries like England, Italy, Germany and Spain.


 In the course of its history, Calçado Albano Pereira Lda, marked its evolution by the definition and implementation of strategies that lead to a continuous improvement of competitiveness, in order to respond to the constant demands of the market.


 Quality and Selectivity. Calçado Albano Pereira Lda is totally focused on a vision of elegant, comfortable and sophisticated style.